OET is recognized by Regulatory Healthcare Bodies and Councils in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore. The OET Intensive, which is suitable for all healthcare professionals, is a one or two month preparation course that provides students with the essential skills, test-taking strategies and to enhance their performance throughout the test. During the course, students get specific and organized practice materials and receive individual support from the OET instructors for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules. Students have to attend mock tests twice in a month and to give feedback at the end of the course, as well as they get opportunity for additional writing feedback through online.

In our institution, we are providing individual attention to each OET aspirants and the timings were set according to students’ convenience. Moreover, crash course for 1-2 weeks are available for OET.


This module is designed to test the reader ability to read and comprehend longer texts


The listening module consists of two parts. 1) simulated conversation between patient and consultant and required to take notes 2) short talk on health related topics to complete open-ended and closed ended questions


The speaking module is in the form of conversation between candidate and interlocutor and starts with a warm-up interview about candidate’s professional background.


This module will ask the candidate to write letter to a professional from given case notes.