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EDUWIZZ SKILL INDIA Pvt Ltd is one of the leading brands in the industry of education. It is not easy to become one of the best Educational consultants in India. Founded in 2014 ,Eduwizz Skill India Pvt. Ltd has a clear vision of creating industry-ready professionals and imparting knowledge and skills based on the present demands of the industry.

We partner with existing colleges/universities who have a well-equipped infrastructure to run and manage our management program by leveraging the use of modern-day technology and thus ensuring that the students are provided with the highest level of educational quality . Our goal is to bring about a shift in the present higher education system by equipping the students with various skill sets so that they are readily absorbed by the recruiters.

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Our values are in accordance with the ethics of the industry. The best performers are those who keep abreast with the industry at any given time. As one of the educational consultant in Lucknow(U.P.). We are determined to provide you all the best possible options. This way you can have the best choice of your career. There are various kinds of programs offered by foreign universities, some are expensive and some are affordable. We always keep researching and find out the best that suits you according to your budget requirements and talent.

We have a team of young and dynamic personalities who are at work to help you reach your destination without any hassles. This is why we are the most trusted educational consultant in Lucknow (U.P.). We suggest any university or course only when we are cent percent sure about it. We also keep an eye on the ranking of the universities that might fluctuate with or without quality education. There is no compromise with the quality of education for the youth of the country.

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